Nailympia USA 2019 Sponsors



April 5th -7th 2019






5pm - 6pm Nailympia Meet & Greet


7am – Register for SUNDAY comps only

8am – Soak Off Gel Manicure - 30 Minutes (Two Hands)

8:30am Soak Off Gel Manicure Judged

10am – Salon Nails – 60-minutes (One Hand)

11am - Salon Nails Judged

1pm GEL Tip & Overlay – 75-minutes (LEFT Hand)

2:30pm – L&P Acrylic Sculpture – 75-minutes (RIGHT hand)

10am – Mixed Media Boxed Art, Photography & Runway Nails Mood Boards to registration desk

3:45pm – Perfect Match Judged

4pm  – Reality Nails – 45-minutes (3 tips) 

4:45 - Reality Nails Judged

SUNDAY - APRIL 7, 2019

7:00am – Registration for Sunday comps only

8am – Stiletto Nails – 2-hours (One Hand)

10am- Stiletto Nails Judged

11:30am - The Joy of Nails with Bling - 75 minutes (One Hand)

12:45pm - The Joy of Nails Judged

2pm – Fantasy Complete Look – 1-hour

5pm – Nailympia 2018 Awards


Division 1 – Novice (no educators) 

One category – $75.00
Two categories – $125.00
Three categories or more (3-14) – $185.00

Students and professional nail technicians that have never participated in any recognised nail competition anywhere in the world. (NO educators/ trainers to enter this category.) 

**NB: Nailympia will accept entrants in Div 1 providing they have not entered more than 2 national nail comps in the preceding 12 months before entering any Nailympia

Division 2 – Apprentice (educator entry level)

One category – $110.00
Two categories – $220.00
Three categories or more (3-14) – $325.00
Students and professional nail technicians that have competed, but never won a recognised competition anywhere in the world, but have placed up to 2nd position. All educators MUST use this as entry level unless they enter the masters - division 3.

Division 3 – Master

Any competitor that has won a world title, placed first in a recognised nail competition of any type or is ranked as a Top Competitor.

ART Master only (3-5 art categories) - $450.00
MASTER TECH (3 categories - must be 3 technical/systems) - $400.00
4 or more categories - $450.00


This is scored by taking the 3 top results from three competitors on the team in each competition. Teams are created from 3-6 competitors all competing in the same division. You can only create a team from members of the same division.

** · Please download score sheets from the Nailympia website so you can see exactly where points are awarded. All score sheets can be downloaded from  **

NB - Teams are created by Division. All techs in each team must be from the same division. A team must include 3-6 competitors.

• Only competitors and their models may enter the competition arena. Interpreters are allowed but must be authorised by the organisers. Any other person entering the arena must obtain permission from the organiser or floor judges - this includes all media.

· Competitors will be allowed to set up their tools and products BEFORE the competition briefing. All kit boxes and bags (other than personal handbags to be placed under the chair) will be moved to the back wall of the arena. They will not be left at the nail desk. No bags or cases to be blocking the aisle – it must be clear for floor judges. Deductions will be made if cases are seen in the wrong place. If there are drawers in the nail desks, products and tools can be stored inside them.

· Electric extension leads must only be used from the socket provided for the desk. They must not be used at another desk (unless approved by on site electricians and not a health & safety risk).

· Each desk has a desk light and 2 electric sockets. It is the responsibility of the competitor to have plug adaptors and extension leads for more appliances. If a floor judge is unsure of the safety of plug adaptors, extension leads or electrical appliances they will need to call the onsite electricians, which could cause a delay in that competitor starting the competition.

· All local health & safety rules must be followed.

· Fan heaters or other local heating appliances may not be allowed.

· No lighters or matches to be allowed. No naked flame to heat up tips etc. This is a fire risk.

· A full set (2 hands), unless otherwise stated, must be completed and all work must be finished in the time allotted for the competition.

· Each competition will have a briefing, scheduled 15-minutes prior to the start of each event.

· Competitors must be present for the briefing and remain at their desks until the conclusion of the competition. Models may be asked to leave the floor during the briefing.

· Once the briefing starts, the competitor may not touch the model’s nails until the competition begins. If any competitor touches their model’s nails once the briefing has begun, they will have 5-points deducted from their final score.

· Model’s nails will be checked by floor judges during the briefing to be certain no work has been done previously.

· Tables will be checked – All products on the desk must be correctly labelled. All nail products must be in their original packaging. The only exceptions to this are solvents or alcohols that have been decanted into pumps and must be correctly labelled. e.g acetone, IPA. All products used must be legal and cosmetically approved for use on the nails.

· Tip boxes and forms will be checked to make sure no pre-sizing, tailoring or blending has been undertaken. Tip boxes (where appropriate) must be a box of at least 100 tips of various sizes arranged in sizes. Tips must be used straight from the box without any pre-tailoring. Only clear or natural are allowed not white. If the floor judges suspect any pre-tailoring or pre-sizing, a decision will be made by the head floor judge for the category plus one other judge and result in a 20-point deduction for the first infringement and disqualification for the second infringement in any subsequent category. This is in association with the rules on forms. That is, a first infringement may be when using tips. A second infringement may be associated with forms.

· Forms must be used from a roll of at least 25 forms. There must be no pre-tailoring. Free edge support, which is manufactured within the form, is allowed, but not if manually added before the competition. If the floor judges suspect any pre-tailoring, a decision will be made by the head floor judge for the category plus one other judge and will result in a 20-point deduction for the first infringement and disqualification for the second infringement in any subsequent category. This is in association with tips. That is, a first infringement may be when using forms. A second infringement may be when using tips.

· If it’s decided by the judges that prep work has been done on the model prior to the briefing, the competitor will receive a 5-point deduction from their final score.

· Once the allotted time is up, competitors must stop work immediately: all competitors must leave the competition arena until all models have left the area to be judged. (This will take some time, so it’s advised that competitors take their handbags with them.) Competitors will be allowed back in the arena as soon as possible to clear desks or for enhancement removal.

· Any competitor found to still be working on their model after the close of the competition will be disqualified by a floor judge.

· Competitors are responsible for making sure their model understands the judging procedure and directing them to visit each judge before leaving. (There can be up to 9 judges behind the curtain.)

· Models must not leave the arena until they have been judged/seen by ALL judges. Any model leaving the judging arena prior to being judged will be disqualified.

· Floor judges have the right to remove, disqualify or award point deductions to any competitor seen to be breaking the rules.

· As this is an international competition – the organiser appreciates things happen that we have no control over. This means the organiser will accept a late competitor (already registered & expected) up to 10-minutes into the competition. New registrations that show up on the day of the competition will not be able to enter in London – as it is a computerized system that is locked before the event. You MUST register up to 2-weeks before. USA, Australasia and Estonia may allow late entries.

· Please download score sheets from the Nailympia website so you can see exactly where points are awarded. All score sheets can be downloaded from

· Competitors must not share products during the competition without approval from a floor judge.

· Kit bags must be stored away from the desks and may not be accessed without approval from the floor judges. The drawers in the desks are for storage only and not for use during the competition. All products and tools for the category must be placed on the desk. Any products that are not allowed for use in the category found on the desk will be confiscated. A repeat of this infringement may result in point deductions of between 5-20-points.

· Competitors can use mobile phones and tablets to time the competition and utilise social media during the event. Mobile photos MUST NOT be used for inspiration for the any comp – you must use your creativity, imagination and skill on the day.

· Please use hashtags #nailympia / #nailympiacompetitions.


· Any competitor not abiding by these rules will take whatever point deduction is offered by the floor judges. For those rules not specifying a point deduction, there will be one warning, thereafter it will be a 5-point deduction for the next warning and disqualification for the third infringement.

· Judges’ decisions are final. Score sheets will be given out at locations after the awards ceremony where the scoring is done on paper; score sheets will be sent via email after the event.

· For draws or ties in scores, a winner is awarded by the score of Judge 1 , if this also ties, then Judge 2’s scores are taken into account, and so forth.

· Be kind to your model. It’s a long day for them. Make sure they take a bathroom break before the competition. Keep your model fed and well hydrated throughout the competition day. Your model is welcome to time your progress on his/her mobile phone or tablet.

The team at Nailympia is not responsible for any competitor not adhering to or understanding the rules.


75-mins - L&P Acrylic Sculpture 

75-mins - Gel Tip & Overlay 

Perfect Match (automatic if entering both Gel and L&P comps)

60-mins - 1 hand - Salon Nails

30-mins - Soak Off Gel Manicure

1-hour - Fantasy Nail Art Complete Look 

45-mins - 3 tips - Reality Nail Art 

2-hours - 1 hand - Stiletto Nails

75-mins – 1 hand – The Joy of Nails with bling!

Submission on mood board 3 tips - Runway Nails  

Submission in box 10 tips - Mixed Media Boxed Art 


It is an INFRINGEMENT of copyright to recreate trademarked logos and characters. DO NOT use Disney characters, Warner Bros, Universal or any form of music icons in your designs if they are still under copyright. These will be disqualified at registration. PLEASE use only your own ideas, imagination and creations in your artwork. Do not copy work done in a masterclass or by figures in the industry. Work must be original and not submitted into any other competition.


Every effort is made to ensure that qualified judges from differing countries are provided. Judges meet prior to the competition so all are clear on what they are judging and their responsibilities. Judging/score sheets are available to all competitors after the awards ceremony and judges will make every effort to be available for any questions/critique after the event, although this is not guaranteed. The judging is blind; only the models’ hands will be seen by each judge, with the exception of the Fantasy Nails & Complete Look (judged face to face on the floor), Runway, Reality Nails, Mixed Media (judged on the floor as nail tips) categories. The judges have no knowledge of which technician/artist created which set of nails or tips – models are identified by numbers on wristbands randomly assigned on the arena before each competition. Judges do not judge every aspect of the set. Each judge is given 2 or 3 aspects out of 10 to judge. This way they can concentrate on a few aspects of the nails, rather than all. This helps to keep the judging consistent, fair, even and keep any one judge from drastically raising or lowering a competitor’s score, since they do not judge all points.

The last benefit to this method of judging is that the process tends to move quicker, which is good in larger competitions. In the event of a tie, the head judge’s score will determine the placement. For any ties falling below 10th place, each entry with the same score will simply be listed in alphabetical order, as a place below 10th will not affect competitor’s standing in ranks. In keeping with Nailympia’s international status, every effort is made to ensure judges are a mix of experts from around the world.

Please read all the rules and get clarification on any you are not 100% certain of, as this is your responsibility. If you compete and are judged with a deduction due to a rule that you did not interpret the way it was meant, it’s too late to change this at the competition. Judge’s decisions are final and all entries are judged on the exact same criteria. Don’t learn a lesson at the competition, get all your questions clarified beforehand to ensure a more satisfying experience.

GEL & L&P ACRYLIC Sculpture & Tip & Overlay RULES 2019

Sculpture is undertaken on the MODEL’S RIGHT hand – Tip & Overlay on the MODEL’S LEFT hand.

The judges then also assess a 3rd competition – PERFECT MATCH – this will simply assess how closely the two sets of nails match each other. All elements will be observed to see if smiles lines, apex, sidewalls etc are matching across both hands via the two different techniques using L&P Acrylic & Gel systems.

· Competitors are required to sculpt on the model’s RIGHT hand and tip/overlay on the model’s LEFT hand in both the Gel category and the Liquid & Powder Acrylic category. This means there is an opportunity to enter 2 competitions in one sitting.

· Competitors can take just one comp on one hand. One-hand competitors will be given 75-minutes to complete the hand and be positioned in one area together. Those doing both hands will be asked to stop after 75-minutes and have a 10-minute break before starting on the 2nd hand.

· Competitors must polish 2 fingers on each hand (thumb and pinkie) of the model with a red cream polish/lacquer only – no base coat, ridgefiller or top coat may be used. The polish may be of the competitors’ choice.

· On the underside of the nail the judges must see white.

· The nail bed CAN be extended.

· These are French style pink & white competitions with 2 red polished nails. Cover pink products are allowed.

· Cream, lotion, oil and polish dry products may be used. Excess lotion and oil will afford point deductions. If a competitor is seen cleaning hands and nails after the competition is closed with any product such as canned air, it is immediate disqualification. Models may not put fingers in their mouth or rub them on their clothing.

· No gel sealers to be used on any of the L&P acrylic categories.

· Water and soap may be used in finishing.

· Competitors may not blend, shape or cut out tips prior to the start of the competition. Every competitor must arrive with a sealed tip box or a roll of JUST 25 forms per comp. Floor judges will be closely inspecting. (Please read complete rules on tips and forms in the comp floor rules above.)

· Adhesive is allowed for tip & overlay. NO adhesive for the sculpt categories and must not be on the nail desk.

· E-Files are allowed.

· Gel competitors must bring a UV or LED gel lamp. You are only permitted to use Natural or Clear tips in both gel and acrylic tip & overlay categories.


The Joy of Nails with added bling! NEW for 2019

To celebrate 15 years of Nailympia Competitions the team invites techs to let loose their creativity and show the judges what they can do.

All competition floor rules apply to this comp.

• One hand only – competitor can work on his/her own hand.

• Liquid & powder, UV gel, tip & overlay, sculpting or natural nails are all acceptable – anything is allowed!

• Looking for desirable & gorgeous shapes, design, beauty, style & skill.

• Inviting professionals to show their most favoured and best nail designs, shapes and styles.

• Anything can be applied to the nails. No restrictions on shape, length, height, embellishment – anything goes.

• These nails can be commercial salon nails; they can be extreme; they can be fantasy; they must be original and inspirational.

• They will be judged on the skill of a true nail professional. The judges will be looking for the ‘wow’ factor. The more skills and creativity used the better. It’s a showcase for what YOU can bring to the nail industry to innovate and inspire.

• The design must show 20% crystal design. Points given specifically for the bling and wow-factor of these nails.

SALON NAILS RULES (one hand) 2019

Show your skills as a salon nail professional: everyday nails for everyday clients. Choose between one of these artificial systems (L&P acrylic, UV gel, fibreglass) then shape, style and lengthen nails accordingly. (No gel polish or dip systems to be used.)

· 60-minutes to complete a set of salon-style nail enhancements on ONE hand only - using any suitable artificial nail system..

· Sculpt or tip & overlay techniques to be used only. NO moulds or molds labeled as nail forms – just nail tips & paper sculpting forms allowed.

· NO white tips. Use clear or natural tips only. 

· Competitors are required to use professional products. NO glitter, coloured powder, additives etc to be used – judges are looking for the most natural set of nails that suit the hand shape and skin tone.

· Camouflage powders or gels can be used if appropriate for the ‘client’.

· No embellishment or encapsulation – judges want to see natural looking enhancements in any shape. The competitor is to choose the most relevant shape to suit the fingers and nail condition.

· No tip sizing or pre-blending allowed before the comp begins.

· No products to aid the creation of smile lines are to be used. Smile lines are to be created using a brush, nail file or tool only.

· Cleansing and moisturising products (oils, creams, lotions, etc) are allowed. Excessive use of oil is not permitted. Judges will deduct points for excess oil.

· The nail enhancements must be finished in a natural or French style pink & white – gel top coats and sealants are allowed. No nail polish colour.

· Extra points are awarded for smile lines or a beautifully blended pink & white.

· You will be judged on your desk set up. Tools and products must be kept clean and tidy at all times and all products clearly labelled. Any competitor seen using unhygienic tools or working in an unhygienic way may have up to 10-points deducted.


· Nails to be sculpted on forms. No tips permitted. 25 forms only on the nail desk.

· Nails can be made using L&P acrylic or gel systems. 

· The application and length can be designed to the competitor’s desire and ability. 

· Artwork can be applied on the surface or encapsulated. If artwork is applied to the surface it must be no more than ¼ inch (0.65cm) in height.

· Gel sealers and top coat are allowed.

· Paint, striper foils, rhinestones and bullion are allowed. Colour foils can be used for design. Products used can have colour or glitter added if desired.

· No decals allowed. This means no pre-designed or printed appliqués or Mylar foil to be used.

· Oil, lanolin, cream, lotion and polish dry products may be used.

· Water and soap may be used for finishing.

· E-Files are allowed.

· Gel competitors must bring a UV or LED gel lamp.

·  All designs must be original and not seen in previous competitions or images.


· This competition is done on natural nails only - duration 30-minutes.

· The model is to come with manicured nails. NO manicure procedure is necessary during this comp.

· Nails ready for gel polish must be enhanced and coated with any type of soak off gel product – NOT traditional nail polish or hard gel. One hand is to be created in a solid red colour. One hand is to be finished in a traditional French manicure style. Use white on the free edge and French shades on the nail plate. No glitter, shimmer or frost permitted. All colours must be free of pearl and opalescence.

· Competitors may be requested to soak off one nail for the judges, to prove it’s a ‘soak-off’ formula being used.

· No design element is required. Just a picture-perfect flawless set of nails.


· All entries must be new to the Nailympia competition arena and can only be entered one time at this competition. No repeat entries from prior years allowed. 

The work must not have been published, on social media or entered into any competition beforehand.

· The fantasy work must be adhered to natural nails only. NO polish colour, no French or natural enhancements, no gel polish – just natural nails only on the competition floor. The natural nails can be pre-manicured. 10-points deducted if the nails have polish or base coat on them.

· Only the model and competitor are allowed on the competition floor. The costuming, make-up and hair may be assembled before the competition and can be a team effort. The nails must be added to the complete look during the one-hour competition by the competitor with no additional help.

· All pieces or embellishments to go on the nails may be completely created prior to the competition, then assembled and placed/adhered to the nails during the competition. You must create 10 separate tips to adhere to the 10 nails during the competition. It must be 10 nails for 10 fingers.

· Three dimensional, pre-cast embellishments, feathers, decals, gems, accessories, ornaments or any form of fantasy is allowed.

· Models must wear their costume prior to the start of the competition, with final touches completed during the competition.

· The costume is a large part of this competition (1-10 points out of a possible 100), as this competition stresses creativity, difficulty and how well the theme of the entire design and costume work together. Dress the model in the theme from head to toes.

· Complete your work with no more than 50 words on a small card (to be placed at the model’s feet during judging) outlining your theme and nail art media used. Explain what techniques, products and materials have been used for the creation. No step-by-step photographs accepted. Photos of the work or artist involved will lead to point deductions or disqualification.


• This competition is an open, freestyle competition allowing all competitors to work to their strengths.

• Competitors will be given 45-minutes to complete 3 nail tips supplied by the competition organiser.

• At the start of the competition, competitors will be given a sheet with 3 images. These will represent 3 women of different styles and age ranges.

• You need to design a nail that is suitable for a commercial salon service that is applied to all 10 nails. NOT a statement nail. The expected timing to apply the design to all 10 nails will be taken into account, so it will fall within a suitable commercial timing.

• No model necessary.

• Judges will be looking for commercial salon nail art that would appeal to clients that are depicted in the images i.e style and age range.

• No 3D art is acceptable. Flat art or embellishments with rhinestones etc only.

• Media Paints (non-toxic); Gel Polish; Glitters; Foils; Charms; Rhinestones; Flat stones; Decals; Embellishments; One stroke: Dip System – anything goes – just NO 3D.

• The 3 tips must be displayed by sticking them to the paper supplied with tape or tack. Do not offer any explanation or mood board or any extra design to the display. Just 3 tips on the paper provided next to the images of the 3 women. NO mood boards necessary.

· E-Files and LED/UV lamps are allowed. 

· All work must be created during the competition. 

· The tech must work alone at the nail desk during the competition. 

· The organiser will keep hold of all entries for display on the arena and for photographic purposes until the event closes on Sunday or Monday depending on location.


NOTE: MOOD BOARD SUBMISSION – not a floor competition

· Decorate 3 full cover nail tips to a design brief.

· The brief is emailed to all competitors 14-days prior to the competition.

· The brief may include a selection of the following: a picture of a typical outfit, sketch of outfit design, fabric colours, shoes, accessories, a picture of the hair design, a picture of the make-up design.

· Competitors must design 3 different nail designs they feel will enhance, accessorise & interpret the full fashion brief.

· The 3 tips must be displayed in a simple way with a short explanation or visual sketch of how the designs fit the brief on a mood board.

· The mood board must be flat with no edges (not a box/not 3D) and must not exceed the size of A4 (8x12”). Foam board or cardboard are recommended to keep the board sturdy. Nails must be adhered to this board.

· Competitors may use ANY suitable materials that do not necessarily have to be nail products or can be a mixture of nail products and other materials. There are no restrictions on the creation of these 3 nails.

· The designs must be reasonably easy and quick to reproduce (100s would need to be made for a fashion show).

· Note that the main focus of a fashion show is the designer’s collection. Nails can be a ‘statement’ accessory, but should not overshadow the complete look.

· Nails at a fashion show are photographed close up for detailed beauty shots and should be visible from the runway as part of the complete look. The designs should be suitable for both of these situations.

· The finished nail designs should include suitable shape and length.

· The organiser will keep hold of all entries for display on the arena and for photographic purposes until the event closes on Sunday or Monday depending on location.


· All entries must be new to the Nailympia competitions and can only be entered one time – an entry cannot enter into London and Sydney or Houston for example. No repeat entries from prior years allowed. All work must be original and not copied from a masterclass or another tech’s work.

· The work must not have been published, on social media or entered into any competition beforehand.

· This competition is a ‘show & tell’ format. Nails to be designed on varying sized nail tips and placed in a display case (no lid or cover required) in the arena. DO NOT stick the 10 nails together to create one large canvas – there must be a gap between the tips and there must be at least 5 different sized tips used. This is art on many tiny canvases.

· Displays cannot be larger than 10 inches in either direction and no more than 4 inches in height. Having a display any larger may result in it not being displayed and if it’s too large, it may not be accepted. This is left to the discretion of the Nailympia team. The displays are measured by the judges.

· All entries to be 100% complete before the competition. A full set of 10 tips must be created and reflect the different nail sizes, as real nails – judges need to see 5 different nail sized tips. Anyone using all one-size tips will have an automatic 10-point deduction to their final score.

· A maximum of two entries per competitor is allowed and each entry will incur a fee. No entries left after the close of the competition will be returned to the competitor. Unless organised beforehand with relevant postage and packing.

· All entries must be submitted by second registration at 10am on the 1st or 2nd day of the comp depending on the location.

· All entries must be accompanied by a typed description (50 words MAXIMUM) of the work involved on 1 small sheet of paper, including types of nail art media used. Points will be deducted if no description is provided.

· Competitors must use 3 of these 5 nail art media: airbrushing, embellishments (rhinestones, striping tape etc), L&P acrylic, gel, hand painting, one stroke. Failure to use 3 will result in a 10-point deduction for each media less than 3.

· No decals allowed. All three media used must be used in an artistic way or they will not count towards the required 3 nail art media. It is the competitor’s responsibility to clarify anything questionable prior to the event and the judges’ decisions are accepted as final.

· No embellishment or L&P acrylic product may extend further than 1⁄4” from the original nail surface in any direction, if it does, there will be a 10-point deduction.

· Any embellishment to the actual tips, whether attached to the tip or not, will count and must not extend further than 1⁄4” from the nail surface or 10 points will be deducted.

· It is possible to send your box in via mail, courier or with another tech if you can’t be at the event in person.


2019 theme:The Wild,Wild West (think Texas y’all)

Your entry must be in portrait form only as it will be judged as a front cover for a Magazine 

All entries must be emailed in jpeg format by Wednesday April 3, 2019 to 

All entries must be new to the Nailympia USA arena and can only be entered one time at this competition.. 

Pictures will be taken and available to the judges for past reference. No repeat entries from prior years are allowed.

The work must not have been published, on social media or entered into any competition beforehand.

It is the “whole picture” that will be judged, not just the work on the nails. Points will be awarded for the nail design theme and overall “wow” factor. The style, background and theme of the picture will also be judged on the aspect of how it flows as a whole.

Nail art designs can include hand painting, encapsulation and 3D designs.. 

Note: Can you see the nails and design clearly? Many points are lost if the judges cannot see the nails clearly.

May be black and white, sepia or colour.

A written ‘step-by-step’ MUST be provided with your photograph detailing how the look was achieved. This is for the judges to mark complexity. Please note points will be deducted for failing to include the step-by-step. 

Email step by step and jpeg to 

Please DO NOT include photographs of you doing the nails. Only 1 photograph is allowed per paid entry.

Do not infringe copyright with your image. 

Use the”idea” of The Wild, Wild West to inspire your creativity. DO NOT replicate - but observe the landscape, the cities, the props, the underlying message - then create an image that reflects the inspiration you obtain from within. Think outside the box - using The Wild, Wild West as a tool for ideas only. 

MAILING in your Mixed Media and/or Runway Nails?

Please mail to the following address NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY APRIL 3, 2019


3311 Richmond Ave #108

Houston, TX 77098